Business Interruption

Be prepared for anything that could happen to your business.


What is business interruption insurance?

Property, auto and other forms of commercial insurance will cover the cost to rebuild or replace damaged property — but not the losses that can occur while your business is disrupted. Business interruption insurance covers net profit, ongoing expenses and even extraordinary expenses when a business is disrupted by natural disasters, terrorism, employee fatality and even executive kidnapping.

Do you need business interruption insurance?

It’s always better to be prepared. Business interruption insurance is one of those things that you don’t know you need until you need it. Business can be disrupted for any number of reasons. Natural disasters, equipment breakdown, local civil unrest, vandalism, loss of key personnel or a cyber breach — all of these could be covered by a policy that replaces your loss of income or profits until you’re back up and running again.


Business interruption insurance policies are especially important for companies with multiple locations, and those located in hurricane, earthquake, tornado-prone areas.


What happens when your supply chain breaks?

Contingent business interruption insurance steps in. Get this extension to your business interruption insurance to help minimize the financial loss of a supply chain disruption. When your operations rely on others coming through, you can rest assured knowing you’ve planned for events outside of your control.

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