Health insurance savings for small business (100 or less employees)

Balance quality and cost control with innovative health insurance plans, programs and funding created exclusively for small group needs.


* A valued-added package

You’ve come to the right place to balance health plan costs and quality. Explore competitive benefits, unique funding and max cost control - with built-in wellness programs to drive long-term health.



Get lower monthly payments based on health trends, low-cost local network options plus a chance for a claims surplus share after renewal.



Keep your costs nice and stable with our bundled products, funding options, wellness offerings, stop loss claims protection and more.



Make life easy with a national portfolio of health insurance plan designs, online shopping and benefits administration and one common support model.



Get the job done fast with quick, accurate quoting, auto-case installation, online self-service, fixed national plan designs and more.


We’ve got the perfect fully insured plan for you

Our health benefits and insurance plans are as unique as your small business, with service in markets all across the country. So it’s easy to find quality plans offered in your state.

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